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Creative Time - Time To Brainstorm

When are the times you are most creative? Is it a particular day? A particular time of day?

Everyone should set aside time for creative exploration. But while it is important to do that, you also need to accept that there are many moments during your day (and night) when creativity strikes and you’re not prepared to receive it.

To capture the moment so it is not lost and you can recount it later, use what you have around you. Record a voice memo on your phone or use your phone to send yourself a note. Also, don’t be afraid on how it will look if you ask to borrow a pen or scribble your thoughts down on a napkin.

Creativity is an important thing to harness. And like many good things in life, it often does not appear on schedule.

Decisions Are Not Easy

Decisions - Decision Making - Time To Brainstorm

Most people don’t consider how difficult it is to make a decision.

I think this is largely due to the fact that very few people know what it really means to decide something.

Sitting down to map-out how to start a business is not the same thing as deciding to do it. Creating a long list of creative ideas for marketing campaigns, or perhaps the desire to use social media to enhance customer service for your organization also are not decisions. Neither is setting a goal to lose 10 pounds before Thanksgiving, to move out, to file your taxes, to find a companion to share your life with or give back to your community. These are all examples of hopes, dreams, concepts and ideas, but not decisions.

Decision-making is difficult, because decisions require action. Often times, they require action we’ve been putting off because we presume the work is tedious or unpleasant.

In short, many of us create mental barricades around the action needed to make our dream or idea a reality, because while we want to fulfill our dreams – we associate too much pain, frustration or fear (sometimes all three at once) with taking the first step.

One way around this is to flip the pain, frustration or fear you feel to NOT taking action. Think of all the things you will end up denying yourself in the short-term and the long-term.

Creative Flow - Time To Brainstorm

Creativity and talent are essential elements to what makes us unique.

Despite what you may believe, every person has the ability to generate creative thoughts and to build new skills and talents.

In my view, it is one of the signature failings of our school system and our modern work environment that students and employees are not asked to dedicate time each day strictly to be creative, unleash new ideas or examine their personal and professional goals.

Here are two things I do everyday as part of my creative thinking and talent building:

    • I spend about 20 minutes looking at new jobs. That’s right! Everyday! If I find something interesting, I copy and paste the skills required that I do not have and add them to a list. During the day I refer to the list to see if there is an opportunity for me to add a new skill. For example, one list is entitled “Advertising” and includes online and print advertising. Though I have done both in my professional life – there are still skills I want to gain and experience to earn.
    • I spend 15 to 20 minutes reading about new companies. If I like the concept of a new company, I add them to a spreadsheet I created. As time has gone on, my list has emerged into this very cool layout of new business models, the challenges they seek to solve and the technology they are using. As I brainstorm business ideas that I want to pursue, this list helps provide a lot of perspective on what is being done, as well as what is working and what is not working.

What are doing to be creative and talented?