Our Ideation Process

We choose a fun and positive environment for group discussion,
and create a process that will get the creative ideas from your entire team flowing.


We start with each individual on your team, and finish with the group discussion.


Individual Session Research

Every session starts with individual team-members taking time to conduct research. We work with your team to gather some initial data, and then assign research tasks for each person that need to be completed in order to participate in the broader, brainstorming session.


Individual Brainwriting

Brainwriting is the second step, and also needs to be done by each individual. We want idea creation to be authentic and rich. If we wait for the large, group session, everyone will rally around the first ideas shared. Our goal is to produce a much more successful ideation session.


Group Discussion / Brainstorming Session

Once every team-member has completed their research, and individual idea generation, we then move to a highly systematic group discussion that shares ideas without identity (to eliminate bias). This process will generate more original ideas, and allow the best ones to rise to the surface.


Final Brainstorming Report

Once the session has ended, we compile all the individual research, idea generation, and group discussion notes and decisions into one final report that allows everyone to see a road-map of the entire process.


We follow a basic model for success:
Creativity, Organization, and Confidentiality.


We believe strongly in fostering an atmosphere of creativity with your team. Our goal is make sure all ideas are shared and discussed, and that a proper process is followed that encourages creative expression by everyone on your team.


Our team believes strongly in being highly organized. We plan every facet of your research, brainwriting, and brainstorming sessions to ensure that you and your team have complete confidence in the process.


Every idea that gets created is unique to your company or organization. We sign and support strict confidentiality agreements, and ask that everyone involved in the process do the same. You own your strategy session.

Let's brainstorm your next awesome ideas together!

Get in touch with us, and let's schedule a time to talk about what you are trying to accomplish.